About Me


I am a mother of two and happily married. I made a small business out of selling commissions in 2009 to furries, and they are currently my major commissioning fanbase. I have now taken it upon myself to make this my job, to be a full time artist working from home, selling  commissions on the internet, selling prints and merchandise with my artwork at all my local conventions, and even Patreon giving all Patrons goodies!

More about me personally I am a bit of an otaku and really enjoy and love anime, I'm quite the oddball when I get comfortable around a person since naturally I'm quite shy and very quiet! Though I'm trying to break that quiet and shy habit of mine! I'm very nice and kind so if you're shy or want to say hi, just say hi! I don't bite!

If you want to keep up with my day to day life  check out my instagram!