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1. Sketch C$ 20.00

2. Linework C$ 30.00

3. Flat C$ 40.00

4. Shaded C$ 60.00

Background C$0-$30 max

Adult Content C$ 10 - C$ 15


1. Sketch C$ 30.00

2. Linework C$ 50.00

3. Flat C$ 75.00

4. Shaded C$ 100.00

Background C$ 0 - $50 max

Adult Content C$ 10 - C$ 25

Thigh High

1. Sketch C$ 40.00

2. Linework C$ 75.00

3. Flat C$ 115.00

4. Shaded C$ 150.00

Background C$ 0 - $75.00

Adult Content C$ 15 - C$ 35


1. Sketch C$ 50.00

2. Linework C$ 100.00

3. Flat C$ 150.00

4. Shaded C$ 200.00

Background C$ 0 - $100

Adult Content C$ 20 - C$ 50

Extra Characters

Extra Characters cost is half the price of one character of whatever you commission!


Telegram Stickers

Single character stickers C$25 each

YCH/YOU or double character stickers C$30 each

Two character/OC's stickers C$35 each

Digital Badges

Digital badges have a $5 fee for printing, laminating and adding a clip! If you want it mailed to you that will be another fee. I will only offer busts, chibis, and thigh highs for badges! See top of page here for prices!

You will also be sent a digital version of your badge


Badges & Sketches+

Custom badges and drawings range in size per badge but are roughly 4x6-5x7

Pencil C$ 45
Copic Marker C$ 70

Pencil Crayon C$95


Chibi Commissions

Pencil C$ 35

Copic Marker C$ 50

Traditional Custom Buttons/Magnets

C$ 35

Digital Custom Buttons/Magnets

C$ 50 (you get x2 in case you lose one!)

+you will get a bigger digital copy for posting online as well!

YOU will have to pay for shipping if you won't be picking it up at a local convention.


Reference Sheets

C$ 225 for a front and back view

any other add on's such as headshots or chibis the prices would be at the very top with my original pricing! For other small add ons, such as close ups to collars, eyes, patterns, I will personally quote you!